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Testament Tuesday – The Real You

Do you know those times in life when you seem to be on a roll? Where everything seems to be happening for you, you’re making great progress and then for whatever reason it just stops, and you go back to your old ways? Like you’ve been rocking a new workout program for weeks and you miss one day and bam, it’s all downhill from there? Maybe this sounds familiar to you because it’s been your MO for years, you know the routine. You make a positive change, it lasts for a short while, then you’re right back to square one.

For some of us we have this nagging voice that convinces us that that’s just who we are and who we will always be. We will ALWAYS fall back into our old, bad habits. So they you start to question yourself and if it’s even worth trying anymore. You eventually lose all that you had worked for and go back to being out of balance, out of shape, out of energy, and no motivation to make any change.

Maybe you’re on the roll right now! You’ve made the change to workout, to eat better, to stop spending the unnecessary money, but in the back of your mind you know it won’t last.. you’ll eventually go back to the old you again because it’s just too much effort to keep this up forever.

That’s letting fear and doubt win. The fear of slipping up, losing this new found motivation, and letting everything wash down the drain. But here’s the deal, WE DON’T HAVE TO GO BACK. We don’t have to go back to the people we once were, maybe the old version of us isn’t our true self.

Maybe the version of us that struggled to get up and workout or save money was never really us to begin with. That was just a cheap, imitation, lesser-than version of ourselves. An imposter that has no place in our lives.

The enemy loves to play the victim card on us, to convince us that we’re screwed up and damaged. Unable to make any change for the better. He tries to point out all of the past times you’ve failed and how you’ll fail in the future. And when we listen to these lies and we settle. We let the enemy convince us that something is wrong with us and that we can’t be fixed.

Here’s the actual truth: that weak, overwhelmed, unmotivated, stuck version of you is not the real you. They’re an imposter! And because they’re not the real you, we don’t have to keep returning to that person.

When you make the change and make the progress that’s because YOU, the real YOU is doing those things. The real version of ourselves is showing up and making the daily choices needed to make changes.

It’s time for that version of us to stay. God made no mistakes when He made us. He made us in His image, which means we are whole, complete, and lacking nothing. This is who we really are.

We were chosen, hand-selected by God for such a time as this. We are perfectly equipped for everything we will face in order to live our life to the fullest. THIS is the real us.



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