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Testament Tuesday – Fear is a Liar

I am a Christian and a devout follower of Christ, but I still struggle. I still allow myself to live in toxic relationships with habits I know I should break because of my faith. Many of us have been in similar relationships throughout our lives or are currently in one. A relationship that serves us NO purpose, a relationship that sucks every ounce of being out of us and yet we keep it around. I’m not talking about a relationship with another human, although if you’re in one of those it’s time to LET IT GO, no I’m talking about our relationship we have with fear, worry, and anxiety. Our bond to negative thoughts and dooms day scenarios. It’s our relationship of constantly worrying about all that can go wrong in life.

Like I mentioned before I am 100% guilty of being in this bad relationship. Yes, this is a relationship. We have fear, and fear has us. But we have the power in this relationship whether we think so or not. We don’t have to continue to live like this. I’ve learned from many years of having human relationships that people just don’t really ever change. We try to convince ourselves that we can change xyz but it never is the case. Fear is the same, fear won’t change but we can.

Isaiah 41:10 says,

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Will we believe that? Will we believe that God is for us and that fear is a liar? Will we believe that God will strengthen us and hold us in His mighty hands? If our answer is yes (and I hope it is), then guess what?? We are in a committed relationship with God and in that relationship, there is NO room for fear, worry, or anxiety.

Do you know how many times the phrase “do not be afraid” or “do not fear” is in the bible? HUNDREDS. This is because God doesn’t want His dear children in a binding relationship with fear. Now I’m not saying we can never be afraid. No, of course there is a time and place for appropriate fear. Fear can protect us, but how often do we need to truly kick in our fight or flight response on a daily basis?? Probs not very many. And yet day after day we find ourselves flooded with fear, worry, and anxiety over what could go wrong and what may happen. I’ve been finding myself in this very scenario lately, flooded with thoughts of what the future may hold. It’s absurd and it’s 100% leaving me in bondage. The countless scenarios of ‘what if’ can leave us absolutely crippled with fear, worry, and anxiety. We can convince ourselves of complete and utter nonsense just by listening to these ‘what if’ thoughts and stories.

This is where our big, bold faith steps in. Because faith says ‘even if’. Faith says that even if the worst does actually happen, God will use it for good. God will make a way. So we need to lean into the ‘even ifs’ of life, not the ‘what ifs’.

When we lean into the ‘even ifs’ we take the power back. We kick the negative spiral that leaves us powerless and leave it behind. We take on the fact that God has control over every situation in our lives.

Ending a toxic relationship takes a lot of courage, it takes guts to take ownership over our life and knowing we deserve better. God put unlimited potential inside of us and with that we don’t ever have to settle for anything less. We don’t have to settle for fear, worry, or anxiety.

Yes, fear will come. Negative thoughts will form. But we don’t have to entertain it. Become aware of their presence and shut it down. God tells us countless times to not fear and do not be afraid because we have that choice. It’s a continual choice we need to make while facing trials. Choose faith. Know that with faith even if things don’t go exactly as planned God has made a way. There’s no need to worry, it serves us no purpose.

There’s no room for fear here.



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