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Ways to Boost Your Mood & Be Happier!

There are so many negative things going on in the world and it’s so easy to get down with it. This year I am making it a conscious effort to keep my mood optimistic and happier and I want to help you do the same! There are so many things to help with overall happiness and life balance but with the world we live in today I think these are some of the top ones:

Spend time with people you love – I understand this one is kind of tricky in the current world we live in but it can still be done safely! If you currently live with someone this is pretty easy, carve out some quality time (no phones!) to just be together. You can literally watch a movie or go for a walk, but do something where you’re both fully present in the moment together. If you don’t live with someone set up weekly facetime chats and have a glass of wine, play a game, or just catchup! We need human interaction in order to live fulfilling lives, so make a way to make that happen and you’ll notice your mood change instantly!

Do something active – It’s clinically proven that even just 20 minutes a day of exercise can boost our moods! There are so many things we can do to get our heart rates up without spending lots of money. Fill out the form on my fitness page for a free no equipment total body workout!

Help others – There is something so satisfying about being able to help someone else. It also helps us take our minds off of things too! There are so many simple ways to help others like donating items, paying for someone’s coffee, or volunteering at a local shelter.

Get outdoors – Y’all there is something insanely powerful in being outdoors. Sunshine boosts your mood by giving you vitamin D, so get outside for even just 10 minutes!

Eat healthy – I don’t mean we have to eat a 100% clean diet but eating junk food does affect our moods. Start your day with a healthy well-balance breakfast to kickstart your day. Fruits and vegetables are so rich in antioxidants that will help your long-term and short-term health.

Find a hobby – Whether it’s reading murder mystery novels, crafting, or gardening finding something you can immerse yourself into and escape from reality is a huge mood booster.

Write out what you’re grateful for – This is something I do every single day and have for 1.5 years now. I write down 4 things in my planner that I am grateful for from that day. Not only does it allow us to see how amazing and truly blessed we are, it puts things into perspective when we think we’re having a “bad day”.

There are so many other great ways to boost your mood and find happiness in life no matter what circumstances you’re in. Need more help boosting your mood? Reach out to me and let’s chat! Let’s make 2021 our most optimistic and brightest year yet!



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