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Our Sunday Routine – How to Get Prepared for the Week

Our Sunday’s look pretty much the same every week even if we travel. Why? Because they are 100% what makes us have a smooth transition into the work week without feeling overwhelmed or rushed! I often get asked how I have time to meal prep etc., and while that might change here in a few months when baby boy arrives, I know Zach and I will continue to make an effort to keep Sunday’s as a day of preparation. The goal of our Sunday’s is to feel organized and prepared for the week ahead so I wanted to share in case anyone finds these things helpful!

Clean – We ensure that our house is completely clean by Sunday so we can start the week fresh. If you’re house is in a state of clutter then you’re not going to feel organized going into a new week. We make sure that the rooms we spend the most time in (kitchen, living room, and bedroom) are decluttered and organized!

Look over the week’s schedule – We like to look over each other’s work schedules and write anything out of the ordinary down so that we’re on the same page. I make to let Zach know the nights I work late and vice versa. It’s just nice having the week laid out so everyone can see what’s ahead.

Meal prep – We prep all of our food (lunches, snacks, breakfasts) on Sunday’s so that we can just quickly grab and go. I write out our weekly meal plan of lunches, snacks, and dinners on Wednesday’s and we grocery shop on Friday’s. Once everything has been made we store it in containers and it’s super quick to dish it out the night before!

Laundry – Along the same lines as cleaning, this is something we are sure to have all of it done on Sunday’s so we can start the week fresh!

Relax – We make sure that we give ourselves plenty of time on Sunday’s to unwind. Whether that’s going on a long walk, sitting outside in the sun, or just watching TV we always make sure we have enough time to sit and chill. It’s so important to let your body recharge before jumping into another work week so make sure you’re squeezing in some time for you!

This isn’t anything crazy nor does it ensure that we won’t have bumps along the week, but it does help us a lot!



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