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Nourishing Our Bodies in Order to Nourish Our Minds

Finding nourishing food choices to fuel our minds

Food plays such an important role in our lives. Not only does it fuel our bodies, it fuels our brains. It’s so important to equip ourselves with the proper tools to allow our bodies to flourish in all aspects of life. But, this isn’t size fits all approach. We can’t take one supplement and magically receive all the nutrient our bodies need. No, instead it is a holistic approach that requires us to find the proper nutrients and supplements to allow us to thrive in life!

There are so many ways that we can support both our brain and our minds. There has been a ton of research on the connection between nutrient deficiencies and our mental health. For example, deficiencies in vitamins B12, B9 and zinc have all been linked to lower moods, fatigue, cognitive decline, and irritability. This research study showed that high levels of wellbeing were directly linked with individuals who had well balanced diets full of fruits and vegetables verse those who do not. So what can we do to help nourish our brains properly? Along with eating a well-balanced diet there are some supplements we can take to boost our mental health/brain function! Two of the big ones are vitamin D and omega 3 fish oil. Vitamin D is a strong anti-inflammatory that helps decrease inflammation in our entire bodies! Omega 3 fish oil are huge for brain function and development. These supplements have great anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants that prevent cell deterioration. This supp is also shown to help boost cognition and preserve memory function.

Along with those supplements, there is a big connection between the food we eat and the way we feel. Our moods can be affected by the imbalance of blood sugar levels and our bodies ability to regulate the amount of sugar in our bodies. Anxiety, mood swings, and depression can be negatively affected by imbalanced blood sugar levels and how we regulate the amount of sugar in our bloodstream is how we can combat these symptoms. With that said, this isn’t easy because as humans we naturally get stressed which then trigger us to reach for foods high in sugar and fat. These foods then activate our reward system which for the moment make us feel better. Sadly, this feeling doesn’t last long and can lead to mental imbalances. Our brain health is directly influenced by our blood sugar balance.

The way we can help balance our blood sugar levels is to change our eating style, here are some ways to do that:

Eat 3-5 small meals a day- This could be 3 larger meals and 2 snacks, or 5 small meals spaced throughout the day. However you do it, the goal here is to keep you blood sugar levels up without indulging in large meals. By sticking with these 3-5 meals spaced throughout the day we allow our bodies to stay fueled without the snacking in between.

Skip the processed foods – Check your labels and start paying attention to foods with white refined flours and grains (white rice, bread, pasta, etc) and anything that is high is added sugar (chocolate, candy, cereal bars, flavored yogurt, etc).

Balance your meals – Aim for every meal to consist of a protein, healthy fat, and a healthy carb. Examples of healthy fats include avocados, olive oil, nuts, fish.

Eat a good breakfast – Starting your day with a meal rich in protein and healthy fats is crucial to help curb cravings throughout the day.

Eat foods rich in pre & probiotics – There is a major connection between our gut and our brains. Prebiotic foods include asparagus, bananas, legumes, and onions to name a few. Probiotic foods include yogurt, cheese, and tempeh.

Need more tips to clean up your diet and feel great? Reach out to me and let’s chat!



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