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How to Stay on Track Over the Holidays

For so many of us the holidays cause more stress than bliss for so many reasons. It’s expensive, we’re busy, and there is tons of food to be eaten! I remember before I started my current nutrition plan, having mixed emotions when it came to holiday meals. I was obviously excited for all the delicious homecooked food, but I was also so worried that indulging in multiple large meals would ruin any progress I had made no matter what I did. This feeling wasn’t just specific to holidays for me, but for weddings, vacations, birthdays, you name it, and I was always thinking of ways to balance the indulgence.

I finally came to the realization that I can’t keep letting this stress of ruining my progress over one or two meals run my Holidays etc. I had to realize that not one or two meals got me to the goal weight/body I had, and they wouldn’t ruin it either. It was in that moment that I decided I was going to enjoy my holidays without counting my food portions, but instead I was just going to be mindful on how I was feeling.

So, this year I welcome you to go into the holidays with an open mind and try to put as little to no pressure on yourself when it comes to working out or eating specifically. I personally enjoy working out, so for me I will continue to fit a short sweat sesh to start my day no matter what!

Here are some things I find help me keep the healthy balance and feel good while enjoying all that this magical time of year has to offer. And please note that I don’t want to suck the fun out of anyone’s holidays, I just want help you to not feel guilty or out of control when it comes to indulging. So pick some that work for you!

  1. Eat Breakfast – This is something that I think people tend to think they should skip when preparing to eat a large lunch or dinner, WRONG! Our bodies NEED healthy sustainable fuel first thing in the morning to get our metabolism up and running. Plus, skipping this first meal is only going to make you more likely to over-eat at your next meal. Start your day off right and eat a protein packed breakfast like a protein shake, egg or tofu scramble, or yogurt.

  2. Sweat A Little – I personally will schedule a morning workout no matter where I am so I can start my day off right. If you plan to wake up and workout first thing, you will be way less likely to skip it. Ask your spouse/significant other or family member to join you to keep you accountable! Find a local workout class, no equipment workouts on Pinterest, or do what I do and watch a video to get a 20-30 minute workout in!

  3. Drink Up – Yes, I’m sure adult beverages will be present at most holiday gatherings, but I’m actually talking about water here. It is SO important to continue to drink your 8+ cups of water a day to help with digestion and bloating when eating rich foods.

  4. Check Your Plate – I always try to make my plate 50% vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% carbs. Then if I still want more food, I go back for more veggies and protein first. But once I know I’ve ate a good amount of nutrient dense foods, my second trip I really just get what I want!

  5. Bring a Healthy Dish – If you get asked to bring a side-dish, opt for something healthier. If anything, then you at least know there’s one thing for you to eat! There are so many different ways to dress up veggies nowadays so have some fun!

  6. RELAX – Whew, this is a hard one for someone like me haha, but seriously the holidays are a time for family, relaxing, and socializing. They’re also a great time to chill out at home, watch movies, and reset before the New Year.


Those are my top tips for staying on track over the holidays! I would love to hear if you have anything else, you’d add!

Happy Holidays!!




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