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Healthy High Protein Snack Options

I am a big snacker so it’s very important for me to find healthier options that are easy to grab! I try to eat 2-3 snacks throughout the day in between meals to help me from overeating later on in the day. Studies show that people who eat 5-6 smaller meals a day are less likely to overeat, gain weight, and choose unhealthy foods.

Snack Options:

1. Whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter

2. ¼ cup unsalted almonds and carrots

3. Plain Greek yogurt sweetened with stevia and cinnamon (if you use Greek yogurt we prefer Fage or if you want a nondairy option I use Silk Almond Yogurt)

4. Roasted chickpeas

5. Protein shake (my go-to is shakeology which I’ve linked here)

6. Protein bar (my store recommendation and other recommendation are both linked)

7. Homemade protein bar (recipe linked here)

8. Homemade protein ball (blog post recipe linked here)

9. Veggies with hummus

10. ¼ cup Nuts (peanuts, almonds, pistachios)

All of these are great snack options for when you need something quick, healthy, and filling!

If you’re needing more ideas please find me on IG or FB or shoot me a message and I would be happy to give you more specific options!



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