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Testament Tuesday – Waiting on the Lord

I guarantee we are all waiting on something. Waiting on an answer, waiting on change, waiting for something to happen. And often times in that waiting time seems to stand still leaving us with asking the question: why the delay?

Why have I been doing the things, praising the Lord and yet nothing seems to be happening??

Sometimes we have to stop asking why to things and start asking what? We need to stop asking God why this is happening and instead ask WHAT are you doing through this.

I truly believe we’re not meant to ask why. We aren’t meant to know/have all of the answers. I also believe that if we actually knew what God was doing for us we wouldn’t ever question him. If we could fully grasp all of the things He is and will do, we wouldn’t get frustrated in the wait. But as humans, we only see today. We see that we’ve been waiting for what seems like eternity and nothing has happened…

It’s all about timing.

Of course we have our personal timeline, but then God has his timeline. We have our own way of doing things, and God has his way. Ask yourself this: which is better?? Which would you put your hope in?


Ecclesiastes 8:6 says “There is a proper time and procedure for every matter, though a person may be weighed down by misery.”


We’re all waiting, and waiting is HARD. But God is still working in the wait. God’s plan is still in progress and will be fulfilled at the proper time, the BEST time. We just have to know that.

Sometimes the wait can feel like a punishment. I mean, who likes being stuck in limbo and being delayed?? I assure you, it is not a punishment, it’s a PROCESS.

God hasn’t forgotten you; He is taking the time to fully develop something so much greater than you would have ever planned or dreamt. It’s so much bigger than you can imagine.

It’s so easy to get frustrated and disappointed in the wait but think about this…that frustration and disappointment you feel are just the enemy’s way of trying to destroy you. As our impatience grows, our anxiety grows, hopelessness grows, and soon we spiral out of control. Don’t let the enemy infiltrate your life.

Instead, replace your disappointment with anticipation. Know in your heart that God is doing unimaginable things that we just don’t see yet. I consciously try to banish disappointment from my life because it’s a constant threat to my faith. I continually remember that God’s ways and His timing are FAR better than my ways and timeline. If I’m waiting for something, it’s only because something BETTER is coming.


Yes, waiting sucks, it sometimes seems like a punishment. But remember, it’s just a part of the process. A divine process that God is working on something we just can’t see. I know that one day I will look back and see how all things did indeed work together for good.

We’re not being held back from anything, we’re just being prepped for GREATER things.



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