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I’m sure 2020 hasn’t lived up to a lot of our expectations, I know it hasn’t for me anyway. I often find myself asking the question of “What’s going to happen next?”, when in reality none of us know that answer. I know deep in my soul that I don’t have to dread what may or may not come next. I know that I don’t have to live in fear of anything, and that my life is held firm in the Lord’s hands. But that sometimes doesn’t make it any easier, does it? The negative thought can soon consume our thoughts until we spiral out of control…

I ran across this scripture the other day and it stuck with me:


They will not live in fear or dread of what may come, for their hearts are firm, ever secure in their faith.” –Psalm 112:7


Shouldn’t that be our life motto?? Shouldn’t I be able to tell myself daily (with conviction because it’s true) that I will not live in fear. I will not dread what may come. I am not shaken; I am secure in the Lord.

The beautiful thing about those statements is they are so very true! God is always working in our lives. He is constantly changing things that once left us stuck and stagnant. I believe that He is using 2020 and all of the chaos and negativity to set us free, free from the crap we thought was once important. He’s setting us up to meet our full potential.

He sees what we can’t see. His perspective is SO much greater than our tiny, tiny view. So, I’m choosing to trust Him.

Will you?

Will you trust Him over the dreaded news?

Will you trust that His plans for you have never wavered, and that he is still leading you to a place of hope?

I trust that if the good plan for my life is not yet complete, then God just isn’t finished yet. I know it’s all still in progress and I don’t have to worry about what may come. There are absolutely days when this is a HARD thing to overcome, all the negative chatter swarming our lives. But in the end, I know with all of my heart that what God has in store for me is so, so good.

While facing any sort of uncertainty, my mind starts RACING. I can literally jump from one horrible situation to the next without a single thing actually happening!! I mean I run through the entire list of all that can go wrong, and for what?? Does this fix anything? Does it make any single thing better? NO, it’s the devil worming his way into my life just to stir up anxiety, fear, and blocking my ability to see God at work in my life. Can you relate?

Here is when I dig deep and harness my thoughts, I grab ahold of them so they can no longer run wild. I find the truth in His word that God is for me, not against me. The truth that He has good plans for me, that He knows the road and has already made a way.

Take captive your negative thoughts. Refocus them. Harness them. Take control over your mind and be stern with what is allowed in it. Turn to scripture, music, or prayer.

We no longer have to live in fear We no longer have to dread what may come. Our hearts are firm with faith, they will not be shaken. Continually look for God’s goodness in all situations. Dwell on His blessings. Trust in His provision over your life! God is at work here.

If it’s not good, God’s not done.



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