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Testament Tuesday – This Life is On Me

We have already completed 1 month in 2021, have you stuck with your initial goals? It’s so easy to get caught up in the lie that once January 1 rolls around life will magically be better, but that doesn’t ever seem to last. In John 10:10 Jesus says,

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

He’s basically saying He did not come to earth and die on a cross for us to just give up on life when things don’t magically go our way. In order to fully glorify God, we must be 100% present in our lives. We can’t wake up each day and just go through the motions, instead we must intentionally live each day fully alive. Jesus came so that we can not only live but live the best life. He sacrificed himself not just for our lives in heaven, but here on earth too.

The devil can’t take this gift from God away from us; however, he can get in our heads and cause us to stress and worry so much we forget about this amazing life we’ve been blessed with. Do you feel like you’ve been letting the devil suck you into just going through the motions of life? You’re not alone. The devil’s constant lies cause us to let life pass us by, dreading the days to come, scared of what’s next, and consumed with worries and fears. But it’s time to WAKE UP SISTER! This is not Gods plan for us. It’s time to step up and take responsibility for our lives! This life is on us to live, yes God gifted it to us, but we ultimately decide how we live it. He has given us every single thing we would ever need to live it well, so we need to do just that! Wake up and claim your life, if there’s something you don’t like, go change it!

There are so many miracles that can happen when we take ownership over our lives. The moment we take responsibility for our lives and understand that God has equipped us for everything we could possibly need, that’s when things are changed. It’s time to fully glorify God and give Him the best praise possible. Take this one and only life we have and LIVE IT. Take opportunities given and run with them. Get excited about each new day we are blessed with and bring all of your energy into it. We’re only 1 month into 2021. There’s still so much time left to live this year with enthusiasm!

When we bring this kind of intentionality into our lives, we give God all the praise. And you know what else we do? We bring others to Him! When we show the world that we are living our best and fullest lives despite the hardships people notice. People will have to know how you do it. It’s time to make our zest for life contagious and lead people to a relationship with Jesus. We do that simply by living our life so amazingly well that people HAVE to know the secret to our happiness. People are always dying to find authentic happiness and lucky for us we have that unfiltered happiness through Jesus and His word. So, it’s time to start living that life for others to see. Live fully alive each and every day. Be all in and fully present. It’ll amaze you the impact you’ll have on the people around you!



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