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Testament Tuesday – Our Greatest Journey

We all have this idea of what we think our lives should and will be like. But until we fully understand who we truly are, who we are through Christ Jesus, we will forever be living in bondage. It’s only through Christ that we are changed, where we are set free. It is in Jesus we are free to live up to our potential and step into the life God designed us for.

I never fully understood my true purpose in life. What my true desires, my talents, and my experiences all meant until I realized that it was ALL for the life that God had in mind for me. It’s all by design, all for a greater purpose.

But that’s still a hard concept to grasp. The concept that the life that we truly want, deep in our being is all a direct result of the potential God placed in us. But the only way to live that life, the life we truly desire to live, is to become 100% who we were created to be.

What does that mean exactly? Well, this is a continuous process, and every day is just another step in the process. As you get closer to becoming the person you were created to be you begin living the life you really want.


2 Peter 3:9 says “The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed but wants everyone to repent.”


The process of living the life God intended for us can be slow. But don’t worry, God is always patiently waiting for us. Even if and when we veer off path, pushed from the devil’s evil ways, God is always awaiting our return. He’s waiting for us to return to who we really are, so we can ultimately live the life we so desire.

2020 hasn’t been the year we’ve all thought it would be, I’m sure of it. But what if this year is the year we realize our true potential? What if this is the year we shed all the other nonsense the enemy throws at us, and we rise up to become the person we were created to be??

Don’t you see it?? When we become the person God designed us to be, we begin to live the life we truly desire.

Want to make more money? Want to get promoted? Want to rise up in life? Want to lose weight?


Is it really that simple?? YES! When you become the person, you were created to be, you naturally begin living the life you truly want.

Do you think God made you to be stressed, anxious, negative, lazy, jealous, or worried?? NO!

He created us to be loving, productive, faithful, balanced, and joyful humans!

When faced with choices we need to start asking ourselves this: “does this decision align with who God created me to be?”

Be bold. Ask God to reveal to you any area where you need to repent. Ask him to search in your soul and show you the gaps between how you’re currently living and how we could be living in accordance to His grand design.



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