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Testament Tuesday – Our God is a Stone Roller

Today let’s take a look at the story of Jesus and Lazarus. Lazarus was sick and his sister Martha asked Jesus to come and heal him. But instead of going right away, Jesus waited for TWO days and then went to see Lazarus. Well in these two days Lazarus had passed away and was buried in a tomb. Lazarus was in that tomb for 4 days before Jesus’ arrival and everyone was so devastated at why it took Jesus so long to get there. But He had a plan. He was planning to do the impossible with something that was already dead. Jesus waited to go heal Lazarus because He loved him. He let things get worse because He cared for him. Once Jesus arrived Lazarus was dead and He comforted Martha by telling her “Your brother will rise again” – John 11:23. She knew this to be true, that Lazarus would rise again on the last day. He had Mary and Martha show him the tomb where he was buried and as the stone was rolled away Jesus said to Lazarus come out and he did just that.

My mind cannot grasp this story. Why did Jesus let Lazarus suffer and ultimately die instead of going immediately to heal him? When someone I love is sick, I would do anything to snap my fingers and heal them instantly so why wouldn’t Jesus do the same for his friend? But then I’m reminded that Isaiah 55:8-9 says “For your ways ae not my ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways.” Therefore, when someone we love is sick (or whatever the situation), we must trust that God’s ways are not our ways, they’re higher and better.

So, as we wait in the middle of our mess for God to show up, we must trust. Trust that God is doing something here even while we can’t see it. We must trust that He will be right on time and when the time is best, He will do what only He can do. And until then, we must prepare that things might get worse before they get better.

God never promised us that our faith in Him would prevent us from experiencing terrible situations in our lives. We were never told that our journeys would be easy or a straight path. Jesus’ delay of getting to Lazarus was very intentional, He knew there were bigger plans at work. He knew that the worst had to happen in order to let the miracle unfold to show God’s great power.

Maybe the things we’ve prayed to go away just won’t yet until the right time. Jesus waited to heal Lazarus for a very powerful reason – so we would talk about it today and see the amazing power of Jesus. But because Jesus waited, because things got worse, because the worst actually did happen and Lazarus was dead and buried, we’re still impacted thousands of years later.

God is doing big things here in our lives. He’s doing things He doesn’t want us to miss out on that will impact us in so many ways. But it first may get worse, it may feel like God isn’t answering. But know He has a plan, and His plan is so much better than our plans. His timing is always perfect.

God will roll our stone too. He will do impossible things if you just wait.

Look up, He’s still rolling stones.



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