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ONE YEAR DOWN! – 9.21.19

Holy cow, it’s already been a YEAR?! I feel like it was only a month or two ago that I was walking down the aisle, but then again when I look back on this year it feels like we’ve been married forever.

I remember when planning our wedding hearing the same things: 1. marriage is hard, 2. your love will only grow stronger as the years past.

To be honest, they were right on one account. I’m not trying to say that marriage isn’t hard, but for us not a whole lot was different once I changed my last name. And I think that’s a great thing! Why should marriage be SO much harder than dating?? I know that there will be bumps in the road and adding kids will definitely shake things up. But this last year together was pretty much the same as the previous 6.5.

One thing has changed though. Our love for each other has grown SO much. I can confidently say that I am more in love with Zach today than I was a year ago. I absolutely LOVE being married to my best friend and biggest supporter. He has stuck by me through the hardships we’ve endured this year. He pushed me forward when I wanted to throw in the towel, he held me day after day when we miscarried, and he supports me in all of life’s decisions.

I knew this before we said ‘I do’ but I know it even more today that Zach will be the most amazing husband, father, and friend for the rest of my life.

I’ve been trying to find the words to describe our first year of marriage… but I just don’t have the right words. I have so many memories that embody all that was our first year as husband and wife.

Of course, our amazing week-long honeymoon in Riviera Cancun, Mexico. Making big life decisions to buy new cars, look for homes, and start our family. Facing job insecurities in the midst of a pandemic, and then experiencing gut-wrenching pain from miscarrying. There were so many big moments over the last year.

But there were so many small ones too.

All of the dance parties in the kitchen.

Cuddles on the couch.

Laughing until our sides hurt at dumb internet videos.

All of the love and support given in the days, weeks, and months after we lost our baby in the smallest gestures.

Listening to Zach’s unwavering support of me starting this blog to share our story and hopefully inspire others.

Pushing each other in all aspects of life even when we want to quit.

Our Saturday morning walks that turn into chats about our wildest life goals and dreams.

The list could go on and on…

The adventure that has been our first year of marriage. In one year we’ve grown in our faith in Christ together, grown in our love for each other, quarantined together, and grieved together.

This was quite the year for us. But I know without a doubt that marrying Zach was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait for the next 50 years.


**I’ll forever and always use any excuse to share our wedding video because it was AMAZING. Check it out**



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